Event Services

Prior to shifting full-time into the yoga industry, I spent fifteen years working with non-profit arts organizations, primarily in the areas of event logistics management and artist handling. I worked with a wide range of organizations – from a two-person office to managing a successful audience services department and artist liaison program at a busy roadhouse with two venues (1800-seat and 250-seat.)

My education and experience in arts management helped me build a valuable, organized skillset that I now bring to the yoga industry. When my daughter joined our family in 2012, I decided to work on a contract basis with studios, festivals teachers and artists.

To find out more about my skills and experience, please visit and connect with me on LinkedIn.


Asha Yoga

2013-2014: Workshop coordinator. Organize, schedule and book workshops for Sacramento Midtown yoga studio.

Radical Retreats

2013: Outreach Coordinator, Southeast Asia Trip. Managed fundraising and awareness activities to support the Mine Advisory Group (MAG) and Elephant Nature Park as part of a two-week retreat to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia December 2013-2014. Raised a total of $4,000 in proceeds through silent auction and dinner event. Funds were equally distributed between organizations. Coordinated itinerary and arranged logistics (guides and transportation) for Cambodia leg of trip.

To find out more about landmines, please explore MAG’s website and Youtube Channel:

California Spirit Festival

2013: Director of Operations, included booking talent, production management, ticketing management and general getting-it-done.

The inaugural festival contracted with 41 artists/teachers and had over 500 attendees.

2014 (festival changed producers) Managed artist and teacher contracts, advanced class/show logistics, on-site production and artist management.

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