Let The Light In


Some days, I feel so scattered. Fragmented. Pixelated. Seemingly concrete thoughts connected to a core value scatter to dust as they transform into words. I see sentences come out of my mouth that run on and on as they try to find form and continuity.

I take wrong turns. I forget the whole reason I went to the store.  I send a short text and discover my children have destroyed the house I just cleaned. I burn the potatoes to a crisp when there is no plan b for dinner.

Ever feel like that?

The habit: Hit replay and be the armchair self-critic.

The choice: Soften. Kindness.

I can take a deep breath (or four) and know that my perceptions of my actions do not define me. My intentions, core values, carry me.

I can resume the lifelong peace talks I am having with myself.

This is when I turn to my yoga practice. The rhythm of breath, the ritual of a vinyasa flow, and the support of a restorative pose will bring me back together. I find myself grounded and healed. I am reminded:

Life happens.

Life is meant to be lived from a place of gratitude, not from a place of harsh criticism or judgement.

Life will not always be clear or in focus. It will be messy and uncertain.

It’s okay. It’s how it’s supposed to be.

I am alive and well.

I can lighten up and start each moment as a rebirth, a new start.

I can live this life.

I can love this life.

I can let the light in.

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