New Moon

I love the new moon.

Once(ish) a month, our perspective from Earth is a sky without a moon. There is a dark, shadow moon in the sky. Whether or not you believe in astrology, let New Moon be a reminder to make space for subtle parts of life. Let this be a time to feel the currents that run deep and strong, far below the surface of our day-to-day life.

Make time to slow down. Make time listen to the quiet, steady voice – you know the one – the one content in the shadows, always there when the bright lights and shiny objects distract you.

Time to soften.

Let intuition lead the way.

Yogis: Be extra slow and deliberate with your yoga practice. Close your eyes more often. Find ways to deepen and fully experience each moment. Listen. Let each breath be so deep, so full, in the belly that your hipbones feel like they’re expanding away from one another on the inhale and softly contracting on each exhale.

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