Our alarm clock seemed to have a mind of its own last week. For some reason, it woke us up two days in a row to a local commercial a.m. radio station. It was not the most pleasant wake-up and, honestly, put the alarm in alarm clock.

That alarm clock incident was the first time I had really heard political ads outside of a news report about political ads. (Also, I live in California – we don’t have the ad saturation like the battleground states.)  Oh my goodness. I knew that this political cycle was going to get nasty. I knew that it was going to be heated. When I take a step back and really think about it, I am stunned at how we allow our public airwaves to be filled with such negativity and dishonesty.

It was a great reminder to me of how this is EVERYWHERE right now. It’s on our radio, internet news, Facebook feeds (de-friended/hid anyone recently?), website comment sections, print media, television, etc. It has become way too acceptable to call other people idiots.

The most important thing we need this political season, just like all political seasons, is an informed voting population that actually gets out to vote. Let’s just keep our snarky comments to ourselves and turn the volume down during commercials. Let’s commit to getting educated, getting registered and making  informed decisions at the ballot box. Let’s commit to take back our public voice and get special interest money out of the process.

There is a Buddhist teaching about Right Speech. I like this simple explanation from The Big View

Positively phrased, this [Right Speech] means to tell the truth, to speak friendly, warm, and gently and to talk only when necessary.

In my life, during this election cycle, I am trying to find compassion and understanding for those who see the world differently from me. I am trying so hard, and often failing, to be respectful when I talk. Here’s the key: I am acknowledging when I fail and promising to try to do better next time.

Here is my campaign season promise:

  • I promise to do my best to elevate every conversation I have.
  • I promise to notice and acknowledge when I am wrong and/or uneducated on an issue.
  • I promise not to participate in discussions or advance any speech/platform that includes hate, discrimination, willing ignorance, or name-calling. I promise to identify this activity and respectfully communicate that I find it unproductive and harmful.  In my personal life, I will de-friend, un-follow or whatever else is necessary to keep this promise.
  • I promise to respectfully offer and receive educated contributions during political/social discourse.
  • I promise to respect the rights of others to hold opinions different from mine.

And remember, dear friends:

someecards.com -

Say yes to knowledge.

Say yes to respectful discourse.


(I know I’ve posted this song a billion times – it is just so right-on and relevant, had to post again.)

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