She’s Here!

“Prana is God’s breath. Prana is the energy permeating the universe at all levels…All vibrating energies are prana…it is the hidden and potential energy in all beings, released to the fullest extent as a response to any threat to one’s survival. It is the prime mover of all activity. It is the energy that creates, protects, and destroys.” ~ BKS Iyengar

I had a post in progress about how climbing the walls sounded like fun – if only I could climb them without hurting myself! I was getting restless and uncomfortable, feeling every moment of the past 9 months. I trashed it today. Instead, I’m happy to post this:

She came a week early and, goodness, was she excited to get here! It took 4 hours from the first  wave of mild contractions to delivery. She was literally almost born in the car. Literally meaning actually – ten minutes after the nurse midwives got me out of the car into the delivery room, she was here.

There was no time for drugs, tubs, or anything. I don’t say that out of pride, but out of bewilderment – the last thing I said before we left home went something like this, “I’m not interested in being some @#$%ing hero. Tell them to give me the drugs when we get there. This @#$%ing hurts.”

Going back to we teach what we truly need to hear:

Send the breath to wherever you feel tension, stress, unease. Wrap it up in an inhale and let it go in an exhale.

It all seems to come back to the breath for me through this whole experience. Pranayama – focusing on the breath, sending it to wherever there was pain/sensation got me through that experience. The breath anchored me to each moment. It was a 20-minute car ride to the hospital. My husband calmly put his hand on my back (I was adamant about lying on the floor of the car) and repeated, “Remember your breath.”

The body awareness cultivated through regular yoga practice – specifically bandhas, pelvic floor  – helped tremendously. However, it was breath that delivered her and gave her life.

5 thoughts on “She’s Here!

  1. holy crap! was waiting to hear the basic story but never thought it would be so dramatic! was there any specific pranayama technique that really helped?

    1. It was more the discipline of a pranayama practice that helped. Dirga for sure – the training of the three-part breath, knowing what it feels like to send the breath to the lower back, was very helpful. Even meditation, focusing on one specific aspect of the breath. I wasn’t necessarily “doing” a specific pranayama technique, but listening to where I needed to send the breath.

  2. Em – Sierika here. I love this. Your story and my story is pretty much identical. My breath guided me in my seven minute active labor and delivery. Everything was a blur. Up until I heard her cry. That was my happy beginning right there. I love you and little Olivia! XO

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