Uncomfortable, Confusing God Stuff

In my last teacher training, our teacher often asked the group, “Are you uncomfortable with the word God?”

Had I been in a group facing this question a couple of years ago, I would have taken that as an opportunity to step into the retail area of the studio for the very important task of getting some tea or hiding in the bathroom.

I’m okay with this question now and it has been quite a long road to get here, which I have written a bit about before (see my article on elephant journal, which is an edited version of this earlier post).

Speaking of God, I really enjoyed watching this talk by Eric Weiner this morning. (If you haven’t read his first book, Geography of Bliss, go get it now!)

The ultimate goal of religion is not God, it’s Life. Love it.

At my FT job, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several writers and speakers – he was one of my faves. He was in between his trip to Nepal and Turkey working on this book and I just really appreciated his no-b.s. approach to all the “bliss” and “God” stuff. 

His new book, Man Seeks God, is next on my list – I have a paper to write on a book I need to finish this week for my last teacher training and I’m using his book as the carrot to get the work done. 

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