Teachers Everywhere

A couple months ago, I was waiting on the sidewalk outside of a yoga studio while a class ended (late.)

The studio is in a neighborhood with a very wide socio-economic spectrum, which is typical of Sacramento. In that particular neighborhood, there is a lot of low-income housing and it is close in proximity to places that serve our town’s huge homeless population. I teach at the studio occasionally and enjoy the cast of characters who wander by, stare into the window and sometimes drop in to ask, “What is this place?”

It is the perfect place for a beautiful non-profit, donation-based yoga studio.

Back to the story – soon there was a group waiting on the sidewalk. We were chatting and laughing and the teacher wrapping up class inside asked us to keep it down for savasana. We moved away from the door and saw two women making their way down the street towards us. One was in a motorized scooter, the other struggling with a wheelchair. The woman in the wheelchair paused to take a breath and someone in our group asked her if she was okay.

“I am GREAT,” she declared. She then launched, like a preacher, into a long story about how she landed into the wheelchair. A few of us got a little nervous since she was talking so loud while the class was in savasana. Then, the longer she went on, the concern washed away.

Long story short: one week, she had a back ache. It got worse so she asked her friend to take her to the emergency room where it got even worse. The doctor left the room for a few moments and she decided she wanted to get up. Suddenly, she realized she was paralyzed from the waist down. After numerous tests, The doctors told her she would never be able to walk again.

Her reaction? “Well, they always say that the mind is stronger than the body. So I started waking up every single morning and spending 30 minutes to an hour looking at my legs and telling them to move. I’d say – hey you, right leg, move!!!”

After a few months, her right leg moved. The doctors were amazed. Later, her left leg moved. She moves a little more each day. Now, she can walk for short periods of time with a walker.

After about ten minutes of sharing her story, she started to move on pulling her wheelchair with her legs, breathing heavily with a big smile on her face. She turned over her shoulder when she was a couple doors down and told all of us to never doubt that our minds are capable of amazing things and miracles do happen.

I love it when things like this happen. I had my little notebook in my purse, ready to take notes on what the Lamas were going to talk about and what happens? A great teacher comes seemingly out of nowhere and delivers a real, powerful lesson.

Never doubt that our minds are capable of amazing things.

Miracles DO happen.

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