More on my man doesn’t do yoga in a studio…

The post about my man not doing yoga in a studio has sparked some really sweet conversations over the past 24 hours. A friend of mine posted this beautiful quote on his facebook status to honor his father, who passed away recently. It says what I was trying to say so much more eloquently:

Cultivate regular periods of silence and meditation. The best time to build judgment is in solitude, when you can think out things for yourself without the probability of interruption.

Each of us yearns for a special place. With the frantic pace of everyday life, uninterrupted seclusion with special items of comfort and kin make for a refreshing oasis in the media madness, cell phone intrusions and all the characteristics of the 21st century.

I personally find that the fraternity of carefully chosen and well cared for tools coupled with the kinship of workspace, however small or humble, is a great source of rejuvenation-my way of slowing down if you will. Taking time to take joy in the simple act of polishing out a piece of chrome or rebuilding some component serves both purposes of therapy and practicality.

Whether you actually carve out your special corner or vicariously do it through the projects and lives of others you are on your way to reducing levels of stress in your life and increasing quality of life.

~ Gerry Durnell, Editor & Publisher of Automotive Quarterly

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