yay, a new endeavor

I’ve been thinking about writing more lately and tying it into my yoga journey. Seems like others were thinking the same thing as I found this great writing challenge from Bindu Wiles via elephant journal. The challenge is to write 800 words a day and practice yoga five times a week.

My name is Emily and I am a recovering classical musician. I work in the arts on the admin side, tempering the worlds of artists, managers, donors, and patrons in a role I like to call “Interpreter of Rationalities.” After some bad first impressions and some forgettable years of flirting, I really got to know yoga in 2009. I am a person who needs to practice a discipline. When I came to the practice in 2009, I was at a crossroads in my life where I didn’t know what to do – I was lost without a creative outlet and a very vague spiritual practice. In my life I had a choice: would I choose love or would I choose fear that kind of looked like love? Yoga gave me the clarity, honesty, and strength to actively choose love. When I saw yoga in its entirety, I realized I had been looking for spiritual and creative outlets in separate places for a long time, yet here they were on one path. I found a physical practice that helps me learn to be mindful of everything, the good as well as the painful, and gives me some powerful (sometimes ridiculously obvious) metaphors to help me live a good life off the mat. I found the freedom to laugh at myself when I fall or get tangled up and take myself too seriously. I found the breath work and discipline I miss from playing music. I found brief encounters with that still place between action and reaction in meditation. I found a spiritual discipline that is beautiful and challenging without being dogmatic. All on one path, there is incredible community, more challenge, and more fun than I ever imagined!

Yoga shows me every day how important it is to love selflessly – that love is not easy but it is everything. Then, yoga shows me how to love myself and others.

So here I am with a big “YAY!” diving into this endeavor, adding it to the discipline of my practice. Let’s see what happens.

The World To Come performed by Maya Beiser

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